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Weapons Trading(تجارة السلاح -مصر )

When weapons are the tool of grabbing rights, when weapons express a deathful joy, when it is by excellence a successful trade of death and conflicts, it becomes imperative to speak about its position in the society. Trade does not tremble is the premise of this film about arms trade in Egypt. In an atmosphere […]
by Seen Film Team / December 23, 2019 /In

Between Two Checkpoints(بين سورين)

Wissam, Aisha and Ahmed are three students from different Egyptian universities. They have been subject to a series of human rights violations and persecution, especially after the 3rd of July 2013. For a full hour, we accompany them in a huit clos among the walls where they hide to learn about their tragedy and their […]
by Seen Film Team / December 22, 2019 /In

Body For Sale(جثة للبيع)

Trading the death is a new form of human trafficking in Egypt … By this film, we try to analyze this issue for a deeper understanding of this tendency by knowing how the bodies of the dead are sold in Egypt and who buys and sells them. A body for sale is a short field […]
by Seen Film Team / December 3, 2019 /In

The Deal(الصفقة)

When a woman turns into a commodity that is sold and bought .. her family or brokers trade for a handful of money In Egypt, villages forced their families in one way or another to throw their daughters into an unknown fate The film deals with the marriage of tourists in Egypt and is verifiably […]
by Seen Film Team / December 21, 2015 /In

Death of a passenger(الموت راكباً)

When people are not safe to live on the streets .. When death is inherent to you everywhere .. sitting next to you waiting for the error from you or others to come to his role .. Death is a ride .. It is the title of the film that talks about road accidents in […]
by Seen Film Team / September 1, 2015 /In