Death of a passenger(الموت راكباً)

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Death of a passenger(الموت راكباً)

When people are not safe to live on the streets .. When death is inherent to you everywhere .. sitting next to you waiting for the error from you or others to come to his role ..

Death is a ride .. It is the title of the film that talks about road accidents in Egypt and Sudan as two Arab models are subjected to high rates of road accidents and die on the sidewalks of thousands of people

The film is presented to this issue through its main and secondary heroes, who lived with him for a full hour to review the causes and results and look for the role of the state, society and the individual on this issue

ORIGINAL TITLE:   تحت المجهر- الموت راكباً

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Diffused on 29/4/2015 at Al Jazeera Arabic.