Giulio Regeni, The buried facts’ has been broadcasted on ‘Alaraby TV’ channel

We are delighted to share with you the last updates.

Our documentary ‘Giulio Regeni, The buried facts’ has been broadcasted on ‘Alaraby TV’ channel on April the 22nd, 2021. The documentary featured the story of an Italian student and a Cambridge University graduate, who has been fiercely killed in Egypt after being kidnapped and harshly tortured for several days.

That’s not everything. There still other quality projects. In the last few months, we were busy producing a half-an-hour episodes of the Arabic ongoing series ‘Diaries’ for the same channel, which treats the diaries of known political celebrities. The following are some samples.

The diaries of the distinguished Egyptian writer, jurist and ‘Alim’ Muhammad Abduh, whose main idea was the modernization of Islam in a country governed by rigid rules and living under a corrupt governance system who led the country to a nationalist revolt led by Ahmed Orabi in the late 1880’s .

The diaries of Murad Wilfried Hofmann, the German diplomat, who converted to Islam after witnessing the atrocities of the French occupation of Algeria who became later its ambassador of Germany between 1987 and 1990.

Last but not least, the diaries of both Donald Rumsfeld and Colin Powell, who revealed secrets about the Iraq war and the mistakes made by George Bush’s administration regarding the WMD program and the execution of Saddam Hussein.