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SEEN FILM  is a well established Production Company in Istanbul specialized in film making. Our experiences are centralised on producing, from the beginning to the end, an extended range of products, going from documentaries, TV programmes and shows, short movies to web videos and commercials.

We are mostly specialized on conceiving, filming, realizing projects that have the aim to capture the qualities across the Arab Regions by emphasizing its uniqueness but also its challenges and its problematics, giving by that the opportunities to the rest of the word for acquiring a better understanding of its culture and its connections.


SEEN FILM cooperates with several television channels. We implement projects that are carried by well-known and respected broadcasting platforms like Al Jazeera Network and Al-Araby TV. 


SEEN FILM is now expanding its production services by offering the supervision of the realization of other external projects. We can supervise for example the choice of hiring the camera crew, the provision of the post production facilities and services and also choices of locations or even casting. We can make your next project both successful and enjoyable.